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Hi! I'm Tyler.

I was born and raised in Colorado, where most Alice books are set. I settled down in Australia (yes, I followed a girl). I got married, earned a Ph.D. in literature, and taught at the University of Sydney. When our daughter was born, I turned my attention to novel writing full-time. My books have taken me to festivals, won me awards, and have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people. It's a huge honor and a responsibility I don't take lightly. I like good coffee, Tim Tams, and laughing with my wife and daughter until we (almost) wet our pants.


Origin Of My Stories

I always try to emulate the humor and intimacy of JK Rowling. Isn't it amazing how comforting the Harry Potter series is, despite being a dark meditation on death? I admire the world-building and dark romance in Holly Black's books (so much so that I have poached her audiobook narrator, Caitlin Kelly!). And I love the gorgeous new series by Samantha Shannon. The Priory of the Orange Tree paints a world we'd all love to visit but could never survive. I'd like to think my Alice books share Shannon's flair for poetic descriptions. (I secretly prefer Lee Child's hard boiled prose, but don't tell anyone...)

I've also fallen in love with a number of works by my contemporaries - it's an unbelievable honor to share the bestseller lists with them, and with the great YA authors I've admired for years.