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How to Download?


Step 1: Download the Bookfunnel app. It's free, gorgeous, open, and awesome. Click here to download

Step 2: Log in to the app with your email address to find your books waiting for you! (Check your email if you don't see them)

Step 3: ENJOY!

Of course, we also support just about any modern digital device, including kindle, nook, kobo, etc. (But people say the Bookfunnel app is easier, faster, and a better experience overall.)


Will the Bookfunnel app harm my tablet or phone?

No! It's tested, monitored, and completely safe, and hundreds of thousands of readers use it every day!

Why does Amazon make it so hard to get books on my Kindle?

It's an anti-competitive practice designed to keep you from buying your books from anyone but them. We're told there's an antitrust lawsuit pending, but we don't expect Amazon to be any less obnoxious any time soon.

But I love my Kindle. Can I still use it?

Yes, of course! We support just about any modern digital device, and our partners at Bookfunnel will be there to help you if you have any trouble. 

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, of course. Just be sure to request your refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Message From Tyler:

"Thank you again for joining me, and I hope you enjoy the stories!"